Jul 1, 2009

Danish with cartoon Figures

This is the second cake ordered in 'one' month (June) from Salwa's family, Klang. Previously salwa sister ordered a Big Thomas Cake for Rifqi. And then not long after that,salwa emailed me,saying that her sister wanted to order another cake, because "katanya Cake tu sedap sangat" he..he...thanks for the compliment :) .I really appreciated it.

She always gave me 'unusual cake design (for me :) ) bcause I've never made this kind of cake before. working with figures made of fondant..was really2 challenging.need to do them step by step, waiting for the fondant to dry up..etc..etc...

The idea of the cake was from Salwa,or Danish's mom probably :). Only she requested to change two of the cartoon figures. and the idea of the cake design is actually come from choffles.

Big thanks to choffles, thanks for the ideas.

Thank you very much to Salwa,her sister (don't know her name :) and all salwa's family.wish you all happy with the cake :)


fazilzura said...

alahai ninie .. cute nye kek ni

happyninie said...

@terimakasih banyak zura :) :)

D.a.a.l.i.a. said...

cantik dan kemas sekali kerjatangan awak... salute wei !

happyninie said...

@Kak Lea

terimakasih banyak.. :)masih harus banyak belajar lagi